About me

I just started my PhD at the University of Hull researching the ecological fate and transport mechanisms of microplastics in major rivers and their surrounding coastline with a case study in the Mekong River, South-East Asia. This involves sampling throughout the Mekong River, from Cambodia through the delta to Vietnam and the surrounding coast and island of Con Son.

I’m a marine biologist at heart starting my University education with a BSc Marine Biology from Swansea University. I completed my MSc Marine Systems and Polices at the University of Edinburgh where my thesis focussed on the effects of microplastics on coral health and susceptibility to bleaching.

I’m dedicated in protecting our oceans and especially passionate about the plastic crisis the world is facing. My work will now focus on the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam, specifically how plastics change during their course from source to sink, how the flux of microplastics changes throughout the delta and into coastal systems and how these changes effect uptake into the ecosystems and their fate within.

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